My drawing practise is a personal journey of self-realisation and discovery, navigating life’s obstacles and overcoming trauma.

I use pencils and inks on paper as it feels the most natural and immediate form of expression to me, producing a mixture of typographic and image based artworks that evoke a feeling or communicate a message. I am not bothered about my drawings being accurate, realistic or tidy; it’s the pursuit of a sense of freedom that satisfies me rather than creating a refined image. Improvisation also plays an immense role in my work. I may have a starting point and work within certain parameters but I never stick to a plan - it would ruin the process for me.

My aim is not to create a body of work that looks the same but rather a diverse expressive visual language, bound by the underlying theme of unity relating to multiplicity, the notion that everything is invariably interconnected.

When it comes to creating artwork, I have contrasting methods. Occasionally a well-formed idea might present itself to me based on past research and sketches and/or I will draw inspiration directly from real life experiences dealing with cultural identity, oppression and dysfunction from authority.

The works are by-products of my own experiences and are instructed by my formal education in graphic design. Influences also include religious art, specifically Islamic, history, semiotics and nature. My intention with my drawings is to inform and allow for self-reflection in the hope of presenting a new perspective to someone.

Inks, carbon and pencil on Arches hot pressed cotton paper
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