Selection of graphic design projects below (full PDF portfolio is available upon request)

Phoenicia Exhibition

Identity, Editorial, Typeface, Illustration

An identity created for the Phoenician exhibition in London UK. Phoenicia the seaborne empire based in Lebanon which spread its revolutionary alphabet and purple inks across the Mediterranean between 1500BC and 300BC. To continue their heritage, a display typeface was created based on their original alphabet, as well as illustrations which were printed using purple silkscreen ink. Outcomes include an identity system, typeface, catalogue, tickets, posters, leaflets and gift shop items.


Identity, Illustration

A collection of posters made for the #LondonIsOpen campaign which began after the results of Brexit. It´s a way of showing that London is still welcoming to everyone and anyone from anwhere. “Shame on who he who thinks evil of it” is a french quote which was adopted because it appears on the United Kingdoms coat of arms (aswell as the British passport) which felt fitting to the subject matter.

Motion Design

Identity, Animation, Social Media

To view video work (click here)


Identity, Branding, Illustration

A collection of typefaces created for different projects.

Stolen Artefacts Of Egypt

Identity, Editorial, Illustration

Stolen Artefacts of Egypt was an editorial showcasing the many stolen Egyptian artefacts from various chapters of their history which are now found in many global musuems and not in their place of origin. I drew the artefacts as a way of representing them away from their origin. 

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