Artwork Collection

–– Typography, Illustration, Logos, Fashion prints, Mural, Drawings, Digital

Phoenicia Exhibition

–– Branding, Print, Logo, Drawing, Custom Typography, Editorial

London Is Open!

–– Branding, Drawing, Illustration, Typography, Print

Stolen Artefacts of Egypt

–– Branding, Drawing, Illustration, Typography, Print, Editorial

Photography Collection

Designed Dissertation:
What was the purpose of geometric designs in Moorish architecture?
–– Editorial, Typography, Print


–– Custom Typography, Print, Letterpress

Burberry Symbols

–– Custom Typography, Fashion Prints, Drawing, Illustration

Animal Farm

–– 3D Typography, Editorial, Drawing, Illustration, Digital, Print 

Casablanca Zine

–– Editorial, Photography, Drawing, Illustration, Riso Print

Destroy The Image

–– Branding, Packaging, Music, Drawing, Illustration, Screenprint

Not Enough Time!

–– Frame by Frame Animation, Infographic, Drawing, Audio

Top 3 Artists Equalizer

–– 3D Video, Infographic, Music, Audio