Phoenicia Exhibition

An identity system and branding created for the temporary Phoenician exhibition in London, UK. Phoenicia the seaborne empire based in Lebanon spread its revolutionary alphabet and purple inks across the Mediterranean between 1500BC and 300BC.
To continue their stylistic heritage, a typeface was created based on their original alphabet, as well as illustrations which were printed using purple silkscreen ink. Outcomes include an identity system, typeface, catalogue, tickets, posters, leaflets and gift shop items.
Exhibition catalogue prototype with logo and screen-printed sleeve

Hand drawn letters inspired by the original Phoenician alphabet were made from which the logo and typeface were created to be used for the identity system

Catalogue sleeve folding out to reveal a poster, presenting a map of the Phoenician civilization on one side with informative text on the other

Exhibition guides closed
Exhibition guides open

Promotional posters

Catalogue, posters, guides, tickets, over hand drawn map

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